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CAMYA is a Law Firm formed by specialists in different areas of Law with a long and successfully professional trajectories within prestigious and leading Firms in Mexico, as well as in transnational companies and in the public sector, which has allowed them to participate in matters with a high level of depth and diligence, as well as sponsor highly complex and considerable amounts litigation cases.

CAMYA´s lawyers are graduates from the best Mexican universities, who also have postgraduate or master’s degrees both in Mexico and abroad.

The different activities of CAMYA is complemented and consolidated with the important presence and participation of its members in academic and professional forums, which have allowed them to share its knowledge and experiences, as well as keep updated on the constant legal changes and developments in Mexico and the world.


Render professional services of excellence, with high standards of quality and specialization, through a very personalized and comprehensive attention, whose rates and compensation are competitive and according to the particular characteristics of the matters entrusted by our clients.

CAMYA is committed to acquire a profound knowledge of the industries and sectors of our clients, providing diligent and timely legal services focused on their needs, having a clear vision of their businesses in order to provide value to their activities, always seeking their entire satisfaction and exceeding their expectations.

CAMYA deepens in a culture of professional, ethical and comprehensive performance under strict domestic and international principles and guidelines, which leads us to be a Law Firm that complies with the highest levels of truthfulness and honesty in all areas of its practice, in its development and organization as well in all the individuals that integrate it, contributing to the conformation and consolidation of a country where the Law is fundamental respected.

The members of CAMYA are fully convinced and execute their legal practice invariably respecting public and private regulations. The ethical and integrity values that rule us are: responsibility, honesty, loyalty, transparency and equality.



We are aware that our commitment as a Law Firm is undeniable and fundamental, so the members of CAMYA carry out activities in favor of individuals and non-profit organizations, with the only purpose of contributing to have a fair society, which is guided under moral values and doing always the right thing for itself and the others, reflecting in this way the type of Firm that we conform and the kind of individuals that we are.

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